Cultivating a Better World

There is the world as it is and the world that we want to create. And we believe that most people want to do better – for themselves, for the animals and for the environment – which is why we strive to help the journey towards a better world be more accessible, more clear, and more delicious.


Our mission is simple. Good food.


Good food doesn’t just taste delicious, it’s good for your body and good for the world. And at The Abbot’s Butcher, we strive to create the very best good food around. Because we believe in our core that good food is the answer to a happier, healthier life for all.


So whether you’re dedicated to a plant-based diet or are just curious about a healthier lifestyle, our plant-based meats are the perfect way to celebrate the power of good food while indulging in some seriously good eats.


Committed to a plant-based diet for some time, I was starting to grow tired of the veggie options available. Black bean burgers were too mushy. Quinoa patties too bland. And of the meat alternatives that were available, I couldn’t find one that really satisfied, nor one that was free of additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.


So I set out to redefine the idea of a “butcher shop,” and create delicious, artisan meats crafted from pure plant-based ingredients.


I focused on taste, texture and appearance. The meats had to have the right flavor, they had to cut across your teeth the way animal-protein does, and they had to have the right appeal. I wanted to create something that I could treat the same way as animal-based meat, but that had none of the harmful side effects for my body, for the planet, or of course, for the animals. And after endless hours, countless recipe rewrites, and invaluable feedback from my taste-testers, I created The Abbot’s Butcher plant-based meats.


I’ve met a fervent meat-lover that told me our meatballs opened his eyes. I’ve met a man recovering from heart disease who has made our “beef” burgers a household staple now. I’ve met a woman who uses the ground “chicken” to make meatloaf on a regular basis. I’ve met a couple that uses our “chorizo” for every meatless Monday. And I’ve met kids who raved about the “turkey” burgers.


To me, these plant-based meats represent an awakening – that doing the right thing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything. In fact, it’s just the opposite. You will be able to enjoy your favorite meats while still living in a way that doesn’t support needless suffering, in a way that helps protect this beautiful world we live in, and in a way that truly nourishes your body.


I hope you enjoy. This is my mission. Good food that is good for your body and good for the world we live in. And thank you thank you thank you for practicing compassion.


– Kerry Song, Founder


Is your “meat” non-GMO?


This is a priority for us, which is why we pledge to you that every single ingredient that we use in our artisan plant-based meats is non-GMO. This includes our soy beans, which are identity preserved and non-GMO. This means that the seed that was planted for the plants that yield the grain originated from a non-GMO source. Our source works closely with their farmers and suppliers to ensure that the ingredients are non-GMO, and has implemented state-of-the-art testing equipment that allows for in-house testing.



What products are gluten-free?


Our Spanish “Chorizo,” Ground “Chicken,” Ground “Beef,” “Chicken” Strips and “Crab” Cakes are all gluten-free and wheat-free.



How long do your products last in the refrigerator?


Everything from our kitchen is small batch made from scratch, and vacuum-sealed so it can stay fresh. The “best by” date is printed on the package, and generally falls around 8 weeks from packaging date. If you open the package, just be sure to use within a week for optimal freshness.



Can I freeze the meat?


Sure! If you only use a portion of the meats, and want to save the rest, just place in a freezer-safe bag and freeze. The meats can be frozen for up to 9 months. Then, when you are ready to enjoy, just place the meats back in the refrigerator and allow to thaw before using.



Where did you get the name “The Abbot’s Butcher”?


I spent a very special part of my life living on Abbot Kinney in Venice, so there is an emotional sentiment here. And Abbot Kinney himself was actually a conservationist, which goes hand in hand with part of the mission of this company – to create a sustainable meat company that can help us grow a little closer to the kind of world we all want to live in.